Girando a Cinecittà

Girando a Cinecittà

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A permanent exhibition in Rome illustrates 70 years of cinema history

The magic of the Seventh Art in one of the places which has seen the birth of worldwide renowned masterpieces: Cinecittà, the shrine of Italian film-making, opens its doors to an event which narrates 70 years of cinema history through genres which have moulded collective imagination.

Monica Vitti
Monica Vitti

Girando a Cinecittà” (Strolling around Cinecittà) is the title of the permanent exhibition which from 24th January 2015 joins “Perchè Cinecittà” (Why Cinecittà) and “Backstage - Un Percorso Didattico Per Cinecittà” (Backstagean educational path through Cinecittà) opened over the past years in order to allow visitors and tourists who reach the Eternal City to plunge into the enchanted atmosphere of the so-called “Hollywood on the Tiber”.


Cinecittà (pronounced [ˌtʃinetʃitˈta*]; Italian for Cinema City) is a large film studio in Rome that is considered the hub of Italian cinema.

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