italian test

Italian Language Test in Abruzzo

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italian test

Our Italian Language Test in Abruzzo

Online, Efficient and Fun. Try our Italian Language Test now for Free!

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The Italian Language test is designed to measure knowledge and ability equivalent to that of students. Take The Italian Test and determine your Italian language level. Complete the following questions and the answers will be sent on your e-mail.

  1.  Il mio amico la febbre
  2.  Maria ha mal testa
  3.   ore sono?
  4.  Il mio amico
  5.  Mario la camicia
  6.  Eros Ramazzotti un cantante molto famoso
  7.   lavora in un ufficio importante
  8.  I miei amici tutte le sere
  9.  Io il compito adesso
 10.  Voi inglese?


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