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Sardinian towns and cities, especially those along the coast, have a rich tradition of fish and sea food while inland towns and cities are known for game and farm produce. Over the centuries the mixing of these traditions has evolved into a unique gastronomic experience. Olbia, Stintino, Castelsardo, Alghero, Bosa and Oristano are some of towns where one can try this cuisine. Cagliari is one of Italy's main fishing ports and it is not surprising that its gastronomic traditions are based on sea food and fish.

The typical Sardinian bread Pane Carasau

As mentioned above, the mixing of game and farm produce (which are the bases of the inland cuisine) and the traditions of the coastal towns (which are based on fish and sea food) result in a combination of tastes, and cooking styles that excite both the palate and the imagination. Two examples of this cuisine are the fresh vegetable soup with small pieces of bass and 'palamita' from Alghero and pan baked fish and potatoes from Alghero, Portotorres and Stintino.

The sea food from Olbia has a large cult following especially the mussels that come from the ancient fish farms of the Gulf. They are used in both soups and "pasta" dishes, either with tomato sauce or in "green" which means to be cooked in olive oil, garlic and parsley. They are excellent grilled and as a stuffing for pancakes.
The coast from Olbia to Santa Teresa di Gallura is famous for its shell fish. There is a large fishing industry catching everything from lobster to squill, from "astici" to spider crab, from prawns to scampi.

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