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Learn Italian Articles Online

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Definite Article

Masculine Singular il/lo Lo before s + consonant, z, gn, ps, pn, x, y and consonant clusters (disregarding sonorants), l' before a vowel, otherwise il. Note lo iodio ("the iodine"), lo Ionio (the Ionian Sea) where the initial i represents a semiconsonant; on the other hand, it is usual to employ l' before semiconsonantic u (pronounced /w/) in mobile diphthongs: l'uomo "the man", l'uovo "the egg" . However, foreign words beginning with w and used in Italian, like West (referring to the American Old West) and whisky, are usually perceived as beginning with a v sound, and the il article is used: il West, il whisky, and Giacomo Puccini's opera is La fanciulla del West.
Plural i/gli gli (pronounced /ʎi/) before a vowel or z, sc, gn and consonant clusters (disregarding sonorants)
Feminine Singular la l' before a vowel: but la iarda ("the yard") for the same reason as before
Plural le l' is used rarely before a vowel

Indefinite article

Masculine un uno before z, sc, gn and consonant clusters (disregarding sonorants)
gli (pronounced /ʎi/) before a vowel or z, sc, gn and consonant clusters (disregarding sonorants)
Feminine una un' before a vowel
The forms l' and un' arise from mandatory elision of lo, la and una before vowels.

The plural of il dio ("the god") features an irregular definite article, being gli dei instead of i dei.







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