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ITALY-SCHOOLS: ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE SCHOOLS IN ITALY Study Italian Language. Schools to Learn Italian Language. Learn Italian ILS Italian language school in Tuscany Learn Italian at ILS Italian language school for foreigners in Otranto Apulia Tuscany | The foreigner students come from various countris, predominately America, followed by European students, (France, Germany, Spain... etc), but Italy also welcomes students from South America, (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Guatemala, Costa Rica), Mexico, japan and a minority of Arabic, North African and Eastern European countries. | Normally students come for short periods, (one to three months), during March to October (in December, Junuary and February the schools are less full) however there are many students who choose to remain in Italy for some years. It is not difficult, (especially for younger students) to find part time work, supplementing your income, while extending your vacation in beautiful Italy. Don't worry if your Italian is not perfect!! In every school, in fact in daily life, nearly all Italians can understand and speak a minimum of English and Spanish. Often lessons may be taught in English, because the university professors and staff members from the schools generally know enough English to meet your language requirements. | FAQ About Italian Language School and Italy | gruppo fans elisa 2